Soooooo, when do I get something I can actually use blue essence for?

There comes a point in every profiles journey that they reach where many of us are now. You own all the champions, you have all the rune pages. There is nothing left for you to use blue essence on. Since the monumental flop of the first two releases of Clash, spending blue essence on tickets is useless. Sure you can use it to upgrade your mastery levels on champions but it feels like we accumulate all of this useless resource and still continue to get level up capsules that contain only champion shards and more blue essence. I have all the blue essence I could need and purchased all of the exclusive emotes and URFWick soon. I don't know the actual number of games you need to play to get the new champions on release but I know I play more than enough games to get it between releases. Many in my shoes have been picking up the new champs the day they come out like I did when it was still IP and the release of Illaoi. So when do we get something we actually want to spend blue essence on? And it's it even possible to switch over the level up capsules to contain things like ward skins more than every 10-25 levels? It seems like there isn't much though on keeping around the accounts above level 80 and all the focus on people getting the champion shards when they first start playing.
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