Garen has been winning the VS event to this point. Darius then took lead.

Aaaaand of course now we're complaining how the event is unfair. Picking Chaos in these events has one major drawback: Having to constantly hear how you're edgelord who finds chaos cool just because you maybe: * Like the colour scheme more * Like the icons more * Like the skin more * Like the champion more * Like ash-theme / wolf-theme more Well sorry that wolf is more edgy, but lion is more arrogant and proud, guess we won't talk about that. Seriously to this point all silent night. I haven't even seen that much Darius-siders complain, I made like one joke. Then Darius takes lead and there are already several complaints of people to whom it was "clear" who will win (excluding the jokey ones, you know which ones). Yeah I think seeing that, I will rather side with edgelords every time than to side with people who don't know how to lose. Besides the event will still last like week? If it's children winning over weekend as some claim (those who cliam it seriously, not jokey, you know which ones are you) then you'll make Garen win again over the work week since you are all serious non-children who obviously have no job I assume which makes you better than those pesky teens who have no time over the work-week.
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