Being Called a Genwunner for my displeasure of the current Pokemon franchise.(rant sorry)

I've been a huge pokemon fan for as long as I can remember. Perhaps it's my aging that disrupts my enjoyment, but there are quite a few things that go unnoticed that only effect older players. It started with gen 5 with N I like the character itself he was a great, though at one point he will ask your character to go on the ferris wheel with him and has a romantic scene within it. Similar to this though We have x/y and su/mo Creating a distraction of a waifu simulator to distract you from the actual gameplay which the animations make all the fights feel longer and that the plot of the story isn't created well enough. gen 5 did great with forcing the new pokemon into your team having to compete with gen 4 god pokemon it didn't get the best rap but as people grow up they see that gen 5 stomps gen 4 sorry remake people, but I couldn't last 10 minutes on gen 4 with that rival ._. The replay value of the game doesn't feel as appealing having to go through unskippable dialogue with things such as Having the ability to spin a wheel of fortune to get pokemon although really cool on paper kills a bit of the love of looking for a specific pokemon like getting a raichu to trade for a electrode or poliwhirl for jynx. I feel like the exp share being given right away in the game is just an indicator of how slow the animation really is to level up normally if you were playing an older game. Saddest thing though is Pikachu is supposed to be male after all. It could have an accent like meowth's but nope, shy anime girl voice.. It all makes me feel so cringey.
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