My Hopes For Fiddlesticks's Rework

Hi, I'd like to say thanks in advance to anyone who actually reads through all of this, so thanks. I've been looking forward to the time when Fiddlesticks would get reworked for a long time. My favourite rolls are jungle and support, and as a horror fan, I've always loved thinking of just how cool Fiddle could be if he was updated, and I'm so excited to see what they're going to do with his art, story, character, and gameplay. I'm taking this opportunity to voice what my dreams are for a champion I've always had a soft spot for because of his potential, but haven't had the guts to actually main because he's not there yet. Fiddlesticks right now doesn't have too much of a **story** to him. His backstory about being an executioner at the institute was retconned, but he got a really nice flavour story told from the perspective of some unfortunate dudes who crossed his field. With his update, they could go in all sorts of directions with his narrative, but I'd actually be happy to see them keep it mysterious. There's a sort of 'fear of the unknown' situation going on right now that I think fits him quite well. I'm sure that the team on the job could write a true origin story that inspires dread in its readers, but I just want to say that I think it'd be ok to keep his origin ambiguous. Perhaps he could be simply a terrifying story people tell, originally passed on by a survivor of an encounter with Fiddlesticks who's mind and body are left in disrepair. His character could be painted in the minds of the readers well by such a story, without having to do away with their own minds' abilities to come up with and be terrified of what exactly he is. Although not essential, I think the dreadful mystery of his origin works to help make him scary, and explaining him might take that away. Like I said though, if done right (which I'm certain his narrative team is capable of doing) his origin could be depicted in a way that adds to his fear factor, and leaves readers in a state of unease. Of course, the most important factor in his narrative is to inspire fear. **Visually**, I'm also excited after looking at all the concepts that were doodled down. They still read "scarecrow" while still being unique. I like the idea of making him have the head of a crow, but personally I prefer the designs that read more as a decrepit, twisted person, because it strikes a chord and inspires disgust and terror more than a simple, familiar crow-like shape. I think his abnormally thin, almost skeletal appearance fits him well and should be preserved, as more round and comically shaped designs make him seem less scary and unnatural. One thing I think should be played up is his hidden passive of becoming perfectly stationary. Perhaps he could have two unique looks between the two forms, with the stationary, lifeless one inspiring dread, being ominous, and then creaking and contorting to life into a ghastly abberation. Perhaps when he uses his fear, his sack-like skin could burst open and reveal something horrifying inside, and crows could rip out of his body when he ults, fully unveiling his terrifying form. That kind of model changing isn't necessary if his model is scary enough, but would add so much to his fear factor, which I would say should be the core of what his rework is built around. A lot could be done to accomplish the goal of making him the spookiest champ. His ultimate inspires paranoia and dread just by existing, and I feel like that could be played up. Perhaps the brushes of the map could be replaced by patches of corn stalks while Fiddle is in the game, or the enemy team could always see crows perched on nearby terrain, or flying out of bushes. Things like that would remind players of Fiddle's presence, without ruining the surprise he causes when he pops up. When he does appear, perhaps your screen is darkened when he fears you, with crows circling you, or an effect similar to Evelynn's W but reskinned to be green fire and crows scratching comes over the edge of your screen (without obstructing anything too badly) while in his ult. Simple things to inspire dread and fear could really go a long way in making his rework amazing. Fiddlesticks's **character** could also be taken in a few directions. Since the main goal is for him to be scary, there are a lot of ways to do that. Right now, my interpretation of who Fiddle is is that he's sort of a truly crazy, sadistic, maliscious spirit. He isn't scary the same way Nocturne and more serious, monstrous champions are. He seems to take a certain pleasure in causing chaos and terror, appearing to laugh maniacally about it in his current splash art. The way he walks (waddles) around almost brings to mind a puppet or haunted toy rather than the slow, dredful trudging of a horror character like Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. He's uniquely scary in the way someone completely inhuman and insane would be, almost like Shaco. I feel like his more unsettling, psychological scariness should be brought forward instead of just making him a serious form of scary. His delight in causing fear I think makes him more interesting than just being a basic murderous ghost, and I would say would even make people more afraid of him. Finally, his **gameplay**. I don't have as much to say here. His ultimate is iconic, and I bslieve should be preserved and built around. His role as a true mage jungler is unique. Other than preserving his ability to fear, steal life, and ult, I think what's more important about his gameplay is that it feels scary to be on the recieving end of without being overpowered. His ultimate does a good job, combining functionality with a proper jump scare. If Riot could make his abilities themselves cause fear, I think it would really give him a place as League's most terrifying champion. Thanks again to anyone who read this far. My goal here was simply to hype up this champ's potential, and vent my own hype. I definitely don't want to come across as telling his designers what to do, I just want to maybe give them ideas on just how many things could be played with when designing him that would go towards accomplishing their goal of the scariest champion. I'm really looking forward to this rework, and I can hardly wait to see what they do with him! Thanks to those who voted for him, and thanks to Riot for starting work on him despite Voli's victory, who's rework I'm also excited about. I encourage people to leave ideas for Fiddle' rework in the comments, and I guess I'll just wait patiently until the day I can pop out of a bush, and ruin some peoples' underwear.

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