I find it a bit harsh to be demoted in other positions because you lost a game in another

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My main position is top, I lost a game that got me to 0 LP. Next game I played support, I lost: got me -16 lp on support position rank and I got demoted on my top position. I find it a bit harsh tbh. Does it mean that If I get to 100 lp on support and I win a game as top, it will promote me as support? I don't think so. So why would it not work the same way around? I was 0 lp but I should get demoted only if I lose games playing this role. I may be just bitter right now but the LP loss is insane lately. Last time I lost my promos I lost 35 lp. The worse part is I liked the new ranking system.... I'm sad [https://prnt.sc/miuigf](https://prnt.sc/miuigf)
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