Unban me PLS!

Hey Riot, my name is Sgt Nibgar. About a month ago I was banned from league for the first time for saying %%%%%%. It was a 14 day suspension and I felt horrid. After that I was really scared to get salty or anything, so I tried to be relatively nice to everyone. I kinda blew up on a Cho'Gath today Riot and I'm sorry. Here is the chat log, I don't want to seem like I'm hiding anything. I was trying to be nice to Cho'Gath at first. He was shit talking because me and my friends were joking around with him in all chat (me joking with Colby by saying "lmao badass" because he was feeding. Colby is my best friend, and he was playing Draven ADC. Crane is another good friend of mine, who was playing Thresh support. We all 3 go to school together. Colby was lagging really hard when we were playing, which is why I said, "%%%%%%"). I'm so sorry Riot, I did blow %%%%%%him in the end. I got mad because we were all just trying to have a good time and Cho'gath wants to be rude to us because 3 friends are having a good time in all chat. I kept telling him "I am not toxic", but he wouldn't listen. Riot I know I was overboard with the N word and I'm just so so so sorry. I just feel like a 14 day ban to a permaban is a bit much. This is my tenth ban EVER. I just...I was trying to be nice at least a little bit. I even called him a %%%%%% "%%%%%%" because he did nothing all game and decided to talk shit. R%%%%%%underst%%%%%%at I've done...I'm not saying I'm in the right. I was an asshole...What should I do guys? I just...was I THAT much of an asshole? Do I send Riot a support ticket to get in touch with them? Should I just face the facts and understand I'll never be unbanned? Game 1 In-Game Sgt Nibgar: guys pls why didnt I get end of season rewards? Sgt Nibgar: that is why i got banned Sgt Nibgar: god damdadiasurtwit Sgt Nibgar: fuckin fear Sgt Nibgar: jsesysswhaht is sthat Sgt Nibgar: he doesnt die Sgt Nibgar: lmao i stopped for those couple of seconds Sgt Nibgar: i didnt see it Sgt Nibgar: no Sgt Nibgar: lmao Sgt Nibgar: colbs Sgt Nibgar: badass Oh yeah I did forget these
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