My Friend Is New And I Want To Teach Him League

Hi guys, I have to simple questions, my friend just installed the game. 1) I know if I play with them even in casual games it will put them against smurfs and remove the smurf protection from his account. Can I still play with them against bots or will that also remove smurf protection from their account? Kind of a dumb question but I don't want to ruin their experience and not have them ever play the game. 2) What are some easiest champions to play? I told them to pick a champ that's fun for them to play so that way they will be excited to put the time in and learning that champ but what are some beginner-friendly champs to play? They are interested in trying out Kog'Maw but I'm not sure if that would be easy but then again I can always support them in the lane. Thank you all in advance ;)
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