Can we see more classy/dress up skins?

I have been seeing a lot of people in my discords posting league champions with debonair skins or some sort of classy dressed up skin. Seeing on the boards how debonair Taric looked and the fact that he should be getting a skin soon, I would really be happy to see another debonair skin line. You could maybe do something like Debonair {{champion:44}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:23}} and french maid {{champion:28}} and {{champion:37}} ( I know they got skins, but come on....we have to see them in maid outfits, they're cutieeesss! ) Also! I wanted to add Debonair Shaco but that would be the biggest fuck you to shaco players, the poor guy has not gotten a skin in AGES, so I am keeping him out of this, he should get something much better, hopefully his own personal line! But yeah, what do you guys think?
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