I'm here to talk about the petition to remove Zoe from the Game

-I GOT THIS FROM A REDDIT POST- Now that I've got your attention, please lower your pitchforks and listen to me. At this very moment, 31712 people have signed and want Zoe to be removed from the game, and that's a lot of hate for a fictional video game character. I'm a Ryze main, I've had my fair share of complaints about how "op-no skill point-click spammer" my champion is and I've experienced countless nerfs throughout my climb to Bronze 4, but this hatred that people have for Zoe is just really really fucking stupid and now every time I even mention Zoe and how I actually enjoy playing as her and vs her (no I'm not a masochists) I just get all the pitchforks from my fellow Ryze mains and pretty much everyone else. Here are a couple of reasons why people hate Zoe, just to sum up: "hurhur op champ she picks up redemption and just fucking kill me in lane hurhur so opppppppp". Buddy, you can see when she's gonna have those bubbles up, and you even know what she's picking up. Zoe walking up to collecting bubbles is like Draven walking up to pick an axe: that's some very free damage for you. And if you see that she has ignite up and she's about to walk up to you to pick up that redemption, maybe just don't trade into her and idk sit back and wait for your chance to trade (for example, with Ryze, if Zoe wastes her Q or E on anything that's not you, you can pretty much walk up to her for a free WEQ free trade and run back with the speed of mach 10 even if she has protobelt or whatever since you also have a shield to absorb the damage). "urrrrrr she doesn't have to land skillshots to kill you urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr". Her passive has been nerfed, her W damage has been nerfed, the fuck are you complaining about. If you want to complain about champions that don't have to land skillshots (Lux, your E is barely a skillshot, shut the fuck up) there is an entire class of champion that kills you by clicking on you (hi there ADC players, please stop hiding behind your supports). And don't even get me started on tanks like Ornn they just kill you by existing. "urrrrrrr she oneshots me from fog of war urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr no counterplay urrrrrrrrrrrrr." This is just a fact, deal with it. Zoe is like the sniper class in LOL, and is actually imo the most well-designed "sniper" in the game (Jhin and Xerath mains sit the fuck down, stop hiding behind your tanks ffs). Like, she oneshots squishy champions that doesn't build any defensive items against her, and that's kinda what a sniper does in any FPS: if you just walk around in an open area not minding your surrounding, you're gonna get sniped, so you gotta stay clear of sightlines and keep jumping and move unpredictably when there's a sniper in the area. To not get oneshotted by a Zoe, just buy Banshee's, Hexdrinker, HP items like RoA... she's still gonna deal a huge chunk to you but you're not gonna die instantly. And just like a sniper, if Zoe gets jumped on she just dies, and she's not very good in a full-blown 5v5 or if beefy bois keep blocking for their ADCs. People act like Zoe just teleports behind you and stab you with her paddlestar for 2 billion damage before going back to her safe place 10 miles away, sure if you're full AP Lux and you get oneshotted by a Zoe Q and protobelt from fog of war you might be a bit annoyed, but that's just the champion, and at least with Zoe I can hide behind my tanks and feel safe (while things like Ziggs ult and Lux ult just takes half my HP if something like a Maokai chooses to not let me move, and by half my HP I'm talking from a Ryze main's standpoint so that's like 1.5k HP). "huuurrrrrr she's so easy to play." Stop it. Get some help. But now comes my main point: Most people actually don't have a reason to hate Zoe. They just hate her because of the herd effect, and that they just want to hate something for the sake of hating. Here's how I come to that conclusion: 95% of League playerbase is low Plat and below (or something like that), and this is where Zoe isn't even strong. The easiest way to prove this is just by looking at her winrates: if she really is the OP broken champ that everyone makes her to be, people would be abusing her to climb, while in fact I've been playing in Silver and Gold for the longest time and I've never seen a decent Zoe actually carrying a game (sure you had 2 kills from roaming bot and using your huge burst, but then you walk back into lane being cocky and I just oneshot you with QWQEQ). But that's just personal experience. Zoe is a champ who excels at making picks but isn't really good in a full-out 5v5 battle: she's not as good as controling the area as control mages, she doesn't have a reliable tool to nuke the backline like long range poke mages or assassins, so in low elo where people would just recall after getting a pick and games are decided by 5v5s, she's not strong. So you're getting this: most Zoe haters come from where Zoe isn't even strong, yet they still bash her. This is sickening, this is like queueing for ranked flex and you are the guy queueing alone and the trio queue ints and then flames you together because they are insecured beings who needs to hide behind a monitor and flame you with each other to feel superior. And it's sad. I can see people hating things for good reasons (like me, I hate Anivia), and I'm sure there are people who hate Zoe for good reasons, but most of Zoe haters are just garbage who just wants to hate stuff for the sake of hating and that is honestly just sad.
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