The worlds Event grind seems rather...Exessive...

So with the announcment of the Worlds pass and all that Jazz I decided to see just how long it would take to get everything and the result is....well its a little much. Adding it all together (Ignoring the orbs) you would need a grand total of 8,350 Worlds tokens to get everything, Now if we assume you complete every single token given mission plus the 200 you get from the initial buying of the pass that is....560 meaning - Unless the missions refresh - the other 7,790 Tokens needs to be earnt through gameplay. This means that for the next 6 weeks you need to play between 557 games and 2,596 games, that is going by the extremes of winning every game with an S rank and losing every game with a C or lower. Or most likly Riot will just say "Here's a bundle where you can pay $30 for 50 tokens!" or "Spend $50 to get...iunno like one skin 2 orbs and 10 tokens?" I am all for having to work for rewards but this is just absurd. you're essentially saying "Dedicate around 7 or so hours a day in league and win them all with an S rank to get stuff" Obviously they havn't mentioned first win of the day token reward but I can't imagine it being any higher then 10 tokens
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