Patch 8.19, the patch no one asked for.

Darius: Tri force Darius got a buff and now has more armor penetration. Fiora: More passive healing. Kha-Zix: Problematic champion in higher elo's, but lets buff him in 3 places. Nunu & Willump: Gave him a fuck ton of bonus AP ratios for absolutely no reason. Janna: Gave her more damage?? Pyke: Gave his ult a extra 50 HP threshhold rank 1? Again, who asked for this? He's insanely problematic. Tahm: Nerfed his base health level 1 by 70. LMAO. Liandries: Increased the percentage max HP burn damage, so Brand is even more fucking retarded. Nice. --- So let me get this straight, instead of nerfing whats strong and buffing whats weak, you do the complete opposite. The only buffs on the patch for champions like Elise and J4 weren't even in the damage compartment. Lets not even forget about Graves taking away an entire 3/4 of my health with storm razor, with him having 120 bonus armor, or Jhin running at 650 movement speed, or Jax being able to literally 1v5 right now because of essense reaver. Nah, lets instead add more damage to champions that were legitimately fine, and completely nerf Tahm Kench to the fucking ground 2 patches in a row, a champion with a 46.35% win rate with a 2.03% pick rate, but Lc$ am I right? Lets completely say "fuck you" to anyone in solo queue, or just in the game in general, who are actually dedicated to this champion. Neat, balance team continues to prove how utterly fucking retarded they are.
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