Need a Silver teammate or tips

Hello :) I have been stuck in silver for 3 years playing this game everyday in solo queue. I am really wondering what is happening and why I cannot simply reach gold by myself. I main top lane and nearly every game, my teammates feed in some way or another and im not that good to carry a whole team, just good enough to win my lane and rotate here and there. I know what you're thinking about me saying about my teammates feeding all the time but im not lying. Do your guys' teams feed a lot or is it just me, im honestly curious how to win more games. Im not saying im great but I know when to play passively if I die to a laner 2 or more times, i just need/want to reach gold for once in my life. Im a very positive player saying good job and all that when teammates do something good because it helps mentality for people who easily get pissed. Anyone willing to duo queue with me or just tips in general. More than half the time I tie or win my lane so idk how its my fault losing all/most of my games and makes me just want to uninstall and go play skyrim if im wasting my time playing this game everyday and not improve in rank for 3 years.
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