I hate to be that guy, but I really have to say it

I'm disappointed how Riot Games chooses the champions who's going to get the next skin. This has been said and repeated time after time again but for some reason, It's getting to a point where it's flat out annoying. Ok, we get it {{champion:136}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:163}} AND MORE have yet to have another skin since their release. That is a bothersome fact, however, what I find more bothersome is {{champion:56}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:77}} champions like these are "THAT" kind of champion who once they get a skin, they don't get to see another in years. Then you have these players who enjoy using a defensive claim by saying "Those champions have a lot of skins already, they aren't important at the moment." NO. That is not true, they are just as important because if you compare to the current skin designs in terms of model and splash art, it's a huge difference. Having something NEW/recent is better than playing with something OLD. Lately, I have been seeing {{champion:222}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:81}} strongly being chosen for profit measures and other aspects of business goals. Is this truly what League Of Legends is going to be about for the coming years? Where a certain pool of champions are always going to be the spotlight of the year while the others are just handed a skin and to never see another in years? I understand the fact that there's so many champions to a point where not all or more than half can get a skin every year, but to get a skin and not have another for 2 years straight is just absurd. What's more absurd is how people can say that 750RP skins is SOMETHING like if it's as special as 975RP+ skins. It's not the same feeling of excitement at all. Looks is one thing but having particles and all type of other things included is better.

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