Cancer Incarnate: Slowy Zoe

Or as I like to call it: "Screw you for picking an assassin, I just wanted to play Zoe" The Build * Glacial Augment * Perfect Timing * Biscuit Delivery * Time Warp Tonic * Domination Secondary * Taste of Blood * Ingenious Hunter Start Corrupting Potion, rush GLP, then build Zhonya's, followed by Twin Shadows, Lich Bane, and a Deathcap. The last three can go in any order, really. Sorc Boots are still the go-to, but defensive boots really screw with most assassins in lane. The concept is pretty simple. Glacial Augment makes your autos slow people. This gives Zoe an escape when people jump on her, makes it easy to land her skillshots, and makes her harass even more annoying. Melee enemies will miss CS because they can't reach the minion in time, and that's frustrating as hell. You miss out on the burst that other runes would provide, but the safety and consistency of Glacial Augment really helps in tough matchups. Taste of Blood and Biscuits provide lane sustain, making it really hard to poke you out of lane or force you back. The mana from Biscuits makes it easier to just let them push while you farm under tower using your spells. Time Warp Tonic gives you a burst heal for when you get jumped on. Each charge of Corrupting Potion is basically a mini-Heal at early levels, and the movement speed combines nicely with all the slows you have. Perfect Timing gives you a free Stopwatch that can save you, and at the very least gives you a free 600 gold towards your Zhonya's. Ingenious Hunter is an important part of the build. Not only does it lower the cooldown of three of your items, it also lowers your ward cooldown, so you can always be aware of ganks. Safety during the laning phase is your priority with this build, and wards make you safe. GLP triggers your keystone, intensifying the slow and making it AoE. It's perfect for getting away from a melee champion or setting up a kill for your jungler. With this build, you will have less damage than a normal Zoe build, but you are incredibly safe during the laning phase. In a lane against an assassin that is looking to farm you for gold and set you behind so you don't scale, this build lets you survive your weak early game so you can be relevant in the late game.
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