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Sick and tired of seeing these selfish mistakes over and over again especially in ranked, sick and tired of being on teams that throw so hard because of their egos. I have to give this psa not public service announcement but more like penis stuck in anus because im tired of constantly getting fucked by my teams who dont want to win the fucking game. Number 1: This is a team game not a solo game. I dont care who you are or how big your dick is, a yasuo, master yi, riven I dont care. Group with your fucking team. You can not possibly tell me that even though if you can barely 1v3 1v4 that doing it with your team is not easier and safer. If some asshole wants to side push all game then follow that one asshole who wont group. Number B: O-B-J-E-C-T-I-V-E. The game is not score, the game is not kills, the game is not cs, the game is not fountain diving, the game is not BM, TAKE OBJECTIVES, PUSH TO THE BASE AND DESTROY THE NEXUS. PS: HIT THE FUCKING NEXUS. Number 3: Play smart. When you are behind dont try to 1v2 or 1v1 the fed carry, your going to die. Not giving kills and collecting cs to hopefully comeback is much easier then dying over and over and making the gap bigger. Also if you see someone who is a kill or 2 behind the enemy laner then respect when the enemy laner roams. Dont expect to win 2v3 fights when the fed enemy laner is roaming and your laner is busying trying to comeback, Just back off and play safe or keep them busy by wasting the enemies time while he takes cs and or the turret. Also fyi to junglers, if your mid laner does not have early priority, then do not counter jungle. This should be common sense but your laner thats pushed into the turret is not going to get there before the enemy mid laner is. You are going to get caught and die and spam ping the ,mid laner for not roaming WHEN THEY FUCKING CANT ROAM IN TIME Number 3.5: Getting caught out and vision: Dont try to 1v1 some asshole in the river when you have no idea where the rest of the enemy team is. You are going to get gang banged, its now its a 5v4 and the enemy can do whatever they dam well please if they stay grouped. Do not try to contest objectives by yourself when you dont know where the enemy is and your team is far from you. Buy control wards use them wisely, place wards regularly (looking at you adc's) and dont expect the support to ward the entire map as they can only place 3 wards at a time. Number 4: Dragon and baron. If your jungler does not have priority around early game dragons, do no fucking contest them, you are going to get collapsed on and die. Do fucking not get baron when all 5 of them are alive and you have no idea where they are. If 2 or more of them are bot lane while your on baron and your fast enough, then by all means get it. Im sure i missed more important point just ranting after i lost 2 ranked games because people refused to group and end the game.
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