I need some suggestions regarding gemstones please.

So I've collected 8 gemstones in total ever since I started playing league which was by the end of season 5 and the start of season 6. You can say it was preseason 6 I guess. I used to buy a lot of RP, like a crapload of them hence 8 gemstones. It's been more than 2 years now and I don't really play the game as often as I used to anymore. Obviously I stopped buying RP and I've come to realize that I'm not interested anymore in any of the skins that you can get from buying with 10 gemstones (Hextech {{champion:78}}, Lancer Zero {{champion:120}}, Soulstealer {{champion:67}}, Hextech {{champion:12}}, Hextech {{champion:1}}, Hextech {{champion:96}}, and Dreadnova {{champion:122}}. The only ones that motivated me to buy RP and hope to get gemstones back in the days were only Soulstealer {{champion:67}} and Dreadnova {{champion:122}}, but when Project Vayne came out it was the coolest skin in the game for me at that point so I decided that I'm not gonna pursue Soulstealer Vayne any longer. And for Darius, I already bought myself a Dunkmaster Darius and the Lord Darius which I think were already enough for me. Besides it's taking so long to get just 2 more gemstones so I decided to ditch Dreadnova Darius as well. So my plan is since I'm not gonna buy RP any longer and I have 8 gemstones, I'm thinking of just buying 8 masterwork chests and keys and hope to get some cool skins that I want but not gonna buy lol cause I don't play the game that often anymore. An example would be SSG {{champion:81}} yo this homie is on my wishful bucket list. That skin is cool af. I really need some suggestions/opinions. Should I do it or nah? I know the amount of time and money I spent would be a total waste if I used all 8 gemstones on masterwork chests and keys but I mean I don't think it really matters anymore since I don't really care about the game and just play for fun occasionally whenever I get the chance to. I thought about waiting and just hope to get 2 more gemstones from regular chests that you get from rewards (earn S on champions), then wait for Riot to create a new skin (gemstone exclusive) that I really like and buy that one. But like for real that would take years and I don't even know if I'll still be playing this game at all (legit probably won't tbh) in the upcoming years. I know it's my decision and I can do whatever I want but I just want to know what your opinions are and what would you do if you were in my position and why.
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