league of feeders

hi riotshit , its now 5 account i get perm ban due to loosers into my team which feed,harassing me and bashing other also ive spend so many dollars on your game, i also regreat alots alots alots i regreat also all the time i've spend on your shit league of feeders and i try to have patience but those noobs are ALWAYS on my side instead of banning the good player pls check your shit anyway, its finish NEVER i'm gonna play to this trash game again a real waste of time and money sink waste maybe 3k on this on 5 different account because your game is full of trash players. also you banning player only because they had a bad game with noobs which feeds and put the game on losing side instead of try to winning anyway idc anymore i'm finaly liberate of this shit game bye everyone and if you want a tip dont play this if beginner see this thread dont play to this its a time waste and money sink for no skills also hater which gonna tell me i'm just bad or stuff like this i'm blaming other because into my team, each fucking game i do, i'm stuck with worst player. enemy is always stronger better teamwork better skills. if you sheach moba go on heroes of the storm or dota2 its way better and no need to put your money in riot pocket. on this, have a good day for those good players and have a bad days for those feeders and useless into this game
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