So now we need Yummi's counterpart......

A parasitic support type champ, that latches onto enemies and debuffs them. One that functions not entirely unlike {{champion:350}} , but instead of hiding on allies and buffing them, supporting them in battle and helping them out, they latch onto enemies, debuff them, cripple them, and create opportunities for their team. Instead of a cutesy friendly symbiotic magic cat that perches on our shoulders....... how about we get some awful kind of void-insect parasite that latches onto enemies like a tick or leech? Doesn't have to be insectoid either, I was toying around with the idea of someone like {{champion:69}} not being able to buy boots, thus not being able to use Predator, and having played Yummi recently I jokingly asked our Jungler to stop so I could wrap around em and get carried. It could be a serpentine like support, maybe a Leech or something. Guess I'll give my take on how this proposed champ's passive and qwer would stack up to Yummi's. Passive: Instead of hitting enemy champs with auto's to give allies sheilds (putting self at risk to help allies) Their attacks on enemy champs marks them with a Debuff similar to {{champion:89}} 's , where ally champs can proc it with attacks and abilities to deal bonus dmg to the enemy. Unattatching from the enemy to proc passive and put on the Debuff is the risk, with the bonus dmg only allies can proc being the reward. Like how Yummi's sheild persists until destroyed, the Debuff would remain (but not stack) until an ally procs it. Q: Yummi's Q is meant to be a poke tool, and to apply a slow to the enemy to help making engaging upon them or peeling easier. Thinking of a thematic parasitic counterpart of this I keep running into dead ends. Instead, to suit the proposed playstyle itself of just being the opposite of Yummi, Q would be a medium cooldown ability that roots the user in place, making the player unable to issue move or attack commands, or use any abilities or item actives. During this period, they would either gain massive resistances in armor and magic resistance, damage reduction (Like {{champion:11}} 's meditate) or grant a powerful self sheild that only lasts for the duration of the move (Like {{champion:223}} 's E sheild, huge sheild but short life span) This is if the champ would be insectoid in nature, it'd be like stopping and rolling up into an armored ball. If they were to be made into an eel/leech like design, they can flatten to the floor or wall, and outright become untargetable for a short moment. Like {{champion:105}} 's Playful/Trickster, except this would not do any damge. The whole point to this move would be to better allow the champ to survive it's trip towards an enemy champ to latch onto. Being squishy like Yummi, a good player can be distinguished from a great player by their usage of this move at the right times. Used properly, they could squirm and wither past the most incredible perils and threats in a team fight to sink their claws/pincers/teeth into an enemy, and when used poorly, they'd get popped and squashed on the spot. W: Instead of attatching to an ally, and sharing mutual adaptive AD/AP buffs, this champ would attatch to an enemy champion, and simply reduce their armor/magic resistance. Perhaps the more resistances you build, the more resistances you lower? Or it could even be a mini Trundle q/r where resistances are *stolen* and once detatched, the champ keeps the stolen resistances for like, 2 or 3 seconds before returning to normal. Like Yummi, one could hop from enemy to enemy within range, though unlike Yummi the enemies should be given some kind of option or method to detatch/shake off the champ. Otherwise they could simply walk back to fountain? Not sure but this is definately a big thing I would like to see in the kit, even if unsure on how to balance it entirely at first. But this would be a required aspect for my proposed E:..... E: Instead of 2 charges of healing for itself or its ally, this parasitic counterpart would store 2 charges of some kind of "Bite" move, where they bite/leech onto the enemy champ they are attatched to, and deal damage and healing themselves. E can only be used on the champ they are attatched to, and the same champ cannot be bitten more than twice within a time period. This would discourage players from sticking to one champ, encouraging them to wisely use W to move amongst the enemy team and skillfully spread the carnage. Like the Q giving a debuff, perhaps each Bite would apply a debuff or slow of its own. Each successful Bite (as in, it deals dmg to the enemy champ. Meaning they didn't have a sheild or too high resistances) grants the user a "stack" For sake of argument let's call it a Bloodstack, and the player can stack Bloodstack up to 5 times. Which pertains to the ult:...... R: Deviating from Yummi again here, and sticking to the thematic of parasite, my idea for this is similar to the mechanics of how Swain's ult works. How he gains souls that help to empower his Ult. This champion's ult cannot be used unless the player has at least ONE Bloodstack. The ult would function like {{champion:90}} 's Voidling spawn. The parasite, aftering having fed on the enemies blood enough and gaining enough nutrients, reproduces like how all good parasites do. The more Bloodstacks, the more mini parasite spawn offspring are made. They can function like Voidlings, or like {{champion:57}} 's saprolings, or even {{champion:143}} plants or {{champion:74}} turrets. They are temporary, ignore enemy minions and monsters, and would ignore the enemy champ the player is attatched to and only attack unattatched enemy champs. At max 5 Bloodstacks (5 offspring) Each spawn gains bonus movement speed and size, and stay active for an extra 2-3 seconds. All spawn/parasites are targetable and vulnerable to CC, but take no damage. This way they can be dealt with (thrown by {{champion:134}} ,Syndra, stunned slowed, ect) but can't be wiped out and rendered useless. Perhaps trying to ult with 0 Bloodstacks would detatch the player and deal self inflicted damage as punishment? Who knows. What do you guys think? Is this idea lame, or am I onto something here? Would this be a balancing nightmare and impossible to impliment, or with a bit of tweaking and polishing is this something we can put in the game and enjoy? Do you picture this champion like some sort of awful parasitic tick or spider, crawling around and spreading its bastard children around while crippling and nomming on the enemy team to open pathways for their team to engage? Or do you see the champ as some slimey slippery nasty lil leech or bloodworm, clinging to the enemy team and slathering the terrain with its grounded slime? What do you think about the idea and the theme? Compared to the gameplay mechanics? Do they match up? Is this reasonable? Are any of my ideas salvagable?
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