My Suggestion for a Shaco Rework (10-year Shaco main)

Hello everybody. I've been playing Shaco since this game went public and I've accrued over a million mastery points with this clown. I know he's frustrating to play against, but right now he's even _more_ frustrating to play in general because he takes forever to come online and when he does, he just doesn't feel good because of the existence of Ninja Tabi and how low his damage ratios are because Duskblade and Ignite, two of his core things, were strong at the time. Now after countless nerfs, Shaco still hasn't received any compensation buffs (Q damage was going to be a lot higher but because of Duskblade and Ignite being so strong at the time, it was left so low when he was ifnally given base damage on his Q and now it still hasn't been fixed). The biggest problem in a Shaco rework, however is the fact that there are two very distinct styles of play. One as an AD assassin where boxes only serve to help you clear early Jungle and _maybe_ get a gank or two off (because they take years to arm) and the other is AP Shaco where boxes are an integral part of your kit and you can't survive without them. Both builds utilize all other three spells very well and has led so multiple Shaco players (including myself) asking for Shaco to have adaptive damage typing so that he doesn't have to look into hybrid penetration to get good use out of skills that have both an AD and AP scaling ratio. For starters, let's remove one type of damage from Shaco. Let's either make him full AD or full AP. My bid is for full AD, but that means that boxes won't be able to utilize all the ancy kinds of items that work with it now like Liandry's! Unfortunately, yes. But what if we got rid of boxes? "No, ChickenWrap!" I hear you screaming. "Boxes are a core part of Shaco's kit and identity! He can't be AP without them! How will he trick? _HOW WILL HE TRAP!?_" These are all very good angry statements, yes. Here's my plan: Shaco's Passive will ampliy the damage of all damage sources to his target if struck from behind at a flat %. This will improve Shaco's ability to do damage as an assassin and reward Shaco players or staying behind their target while rewarding Shaco's opponents by keeping their backs from him. This will also allow Shaco players to once again build crit like they used to and utilize items like Infinity Edge and Statikk Shiv without feeling like they don't have a passive (if Shaco crits, then it uses the passive but the passive gets over-written by the crit damage and he actually does no additional damage, but _does_ do additional damage with IE if he _doesn't_ crit. It's kind of convoluted). Shaco's Q remains the way it is, except half of its active time is stealth, and half of its time is camouflage. When activating it, nobody can detect Shaco. After half of that timer is up, Shaco has a reveal radius slightly larger than his auto-attack range. This way, you can still conterplay him with sweeper and spot him long before he shows up, but now there's also even _more_ counterplay than there was before to act and react when Shaco shows up. To compensate for this, you will no longer see him use Q from the fog of war, especially since his new Dark Star skin is kind of pay-to-lose with how obvious it is to see even when you're not looking for it. Shaco's W will create a clone of Shaco that works exactly as his current ultimate does to fight alongside him for x amount of seconds. Upon death, the clone will deal AoE damage (we could add boxes in if the clone is killed by a champion but that might be too much). This will allow Shaco to jungle efficiently as well as move his ultimate to a basic ability with less of a timer on it. Shaco's currently ultimate just doesn't feel like it packs as much of a punch as it should, so I propose we move it to a basic ability with a lower cooldown and uptime after being cast. It's not like Shaco clone lasts more than 5 seconds most of the time anyway. Shaco's E becomes an attack modifier spell. It deals damage based on his target's missing health with an additional base damage, like it currently does, but it also resets his auto-attack animation and slows his opponent by a flat percentage for a few seconds. Also, it becomes melee (that way, Shaco players can't meme about having a ranged auto-attack on an 8-second cooldown anymore). Shaco's R allow Shaco to shoot strings at his target, upon making contact, Shaco hoists them up like a marionette, preventing them from moving too far away. As they're suspended in the air, this ability does damage over time to his target. Shaco currently has no way to stick on his targets if they have a dash or any sort of CC. He uses his Q to reach them, and if they do anything to put distance between him and them, he might as well just go afk because he's already dead and given how he doesn't assassinate like Talon, Rengar, Kha, LeBlanc, FIzz, or Kayn do (some of these champions even have secondary dashes to help them stick to their targets while they do more damage than Shaco to begin with) he kind of needs the additional boost rom somewhere and I do _not_ want to make E a gapclosing tool. --- If Shaco absolutely _must_ have his old W, I propose a new champion is made that has the kit to sustain this kind of gameplay. As it stands, Shaco's W just seems too out of place with the rest of his kit for it to be a useful ability and there are better ways to make him work than focusing around a champion that utilizes traps like this when it could instead be given to an entirely new champion with a bunch of skills that function around those traps as a core identity, since AD Shaco and AP Lane Shaco function entirely different. There's room for a sneaky trap-oriented top lane champion with a bunch of spells that help him do his job, but I don't think Shaco should carry this identity too at the moment when it could be done so much better and so much smoother on someone new. Shaco was meant to be a tricky assassin, and boxes are a huge point of grief with the players that fight against Shaco, and paired with his other abilities, just makes it seem impossible to catch or deal with him, and that's fair. Let Shaco be the tricky assassin, and let's make an entirely new top/probably support champion that relies on baiting and tricking his opponents into their own deaths. What do you guys think?
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