Riot Game$ should recheck its values.

[]( Many times in the forum I defended Riot, for years I tried to be moderately objective and not fall, neither in being a fanboy nor in being a hater. Many times I criticized Riot for his greed in the skins cast. But Eternals is the limit, I still remember the day they said they wouldn't make the mistake of other companies in their greed (referring to EA for the Battlefront2). Today they are making those mistakes, following in the footsteps of these companies, like when Bethesda tried to sell payment mods. In their page they say that the experience of the player is first, maybe they should read their own page or change it, because the truth that I don't think feels like that anymore. If something is badly written, it's because I'm from LAS, have a nice day. Sincerely, a person who loves this game. {{champion:33}}
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