Ah, finally got around to uninstalling League

Admittedly, I've had grievances with this game for a long time. Mainly being that Riot does not give a single shit about players and their preferred champions who don't play Meta/popular champions. This is a well documented occurrence with Riot and honestly started killing the game for me ever so slowly back in 2014ish. But alas, I held on, if for no other reason than in 2017 my champion finally got a skin (not shyv). And despite Riot's questionable design decisions from balancing, timing of patches, champion updates and even skins for champions I carried on. I merely logged on and played around in ARAM for a bit, would grind to gold and log off for the rest of the season. Its pretty shit though, to do this, to get 1 chat restriction for the first time in 3 or 4 years and then be barred from earning your season rewards. Yah, I was given two months to beg for honor from players so I could get my rewards. But why? I already hate the game, I played it mostly out of habit and lack of anything better to take my time up, that and I've dropped over $1000 in the game since '12(mostly between 2012-2015). Why would I want to actively engage in a game that has long since abandoned me as a player and fan of the franchise? How many skins of Yi are we on for this year? How many champions have gone years without skins? Honestly, riot sucks as a company. And yah, toxicity sucks too. Maybe you should address the root causes of toxicity? And to be fair, your system is pretty flawed, you have popular, toxic as all hell streamers and you legit don't do shit about it. Either way, I tried to quit before. But I think this time its for good, allowing players to just sit top / bottom / jg all game and just not participate, intentionally throwing, etc. gets a free pass, but a player who mildly loses their cool once or twice in 3 or 4 years loses their ranked rewards? Seems kind of backwards to me, idk. PS. would love to see a Rioter post the chat that got my chat restriction. https://imgur.com/o1The4v https://imgur.com/2nUBXi7
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