Foods can mean bad words too xD

Hey guys, I'm laughing so much right now. Will tell you what happened. So Theres a food with english name ( CaousCous ) in my language its translated ( кус кус ) with english letters is (k.s k.s ) no joke you can check it in internet. So today me and my friend ( he is new to league , currently 34lvl ) had few games , usually we talk but his roommate was asleep so we were typing with 2 of other friends in-game chat. So the topic was what we had for breakfast today and my friend said ( k.s k.s s plodove) which means ( k.s k.s with fruits ) we kept playing etc. Not even realising that he said 14days ban word. We finished the game and then we started another one, he was kicked out of the lobby and then texted me on my phone that he got banned and sended me a picture. I was like WTF? he wasnt toxic at all... and then i realised he said that word.. lol ... we already send a ticket to the support explaining what happened and hopefully they will unban him because he didnt meant to harm anybody, probably the other guy in the game didnt know what we were talking about and misunderstand it. Anyway nobody is mad , we actually laughed about it xD So my question is , is there any food in your country that means a bad word in english or any other language? xD please share if you know any :3
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