League Toxicity

I've noticed the league community can be very toxic. We should be more helpful than toxic and accepting of those who aren't doing as good at the game. There is always going to be people who don't play as well. There will also always be someone more skilled. Ok so just a clarification... What I mean by toxicity is how you talk to people in the game. You can be more helpful to them by giving them playing tips or advice. What I see is people saying people suck and not saying why or giving those people help. If you are gonna say something about how they play then help them improve and don't just throw out negative crap to them that is unhelpful. How is the toxicity helpful? Can someone evaluate how toxicity is constructive for me? I can understand constructive criticism but not all out jabbing people in the back. What is more important? A game or a person? Why are we treating people disrespectfully? If we acted like this in public to somebody's face... JUST IMAGINE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN.... so disrespectful am I right? I'm grateful for the people that do treat others with respect. That really helps the community.
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