Animu is top tier because no 3DPD...animu/waifu thread

these are facts so dont try to argue with me Anyway, new season already started and well ill be honest and say that a lot of animus look bad so far well maybe not but at least 50% of them are really boring There is a spike of male idol animus which is not bad specially for those who like it and the OST is not that bad btw the new Dagashi Kashi character design looks kinda bad Ok so let me say a few things about this season animus - Dies Irae 1st episode sucks so much that it almost made me cry - Black Clover: you are going to hate how 1 of the MCs screams the whole episode - Juuni Taisen: Im not sure about this one honestly, why? i dont even know - Shokugeki no Soma San no Sara: approved - Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara: Short animu that is basically about cocktails i think its worth the 3 minutes - Sengoku Night Blood: kinda like twilight but animu style, i think it sucks so far So that's it for today, need to save some animus for the next thread also remember that i don't write reviews because this is a casual thread and i would get bored Now some music
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