so recent dissatisfaction with lol lead me to dota 2...

[tldwtr: i got sick of lol so i tried dota 2 and it made me realize how much worse lol could be (even though lol is not in a good place rn)] suffice it to say that dissatisfaction intensified. After 25 grueling games playing basically the same hero because any of the others i wanted to try happened to not be in the 25 that youre limited to even though one of their marketing points was completely free full roster (which isnt true because i had to waste 25 games of my life grinding most of the roster open) I was finally able to play some matches with a diverse selection of dota champs and this is what i found. Why lol is currently in a bad state: 1. devs stopped listening to community 2. riot doesnt fix outdated champions and instead tends to break fine champs 3. the new be system is clearly just a cash grab since noone earns nearly as much currency as before 4. new runes fucked more people than they helped and were a huge let down 5. damage creep 6. 15 minute match times instead of 40 7. towers being useless 8. same champs get more and more content released for them while some champs sit without a skin for 4 years or more only to get some half assed pos 9. riot purposefully making off-meta play difficult, leading to lack of role diversity Why dota 2 somehow manages to be worse even now: 1. invisibility and screenwide blinks are purchaseable items 2. supports are literally just ward bots who poke in lane for a few minutes at the beginning and then just turn into free gold for the enemies and occasionally cc 3. no counterplay almost ever, unless you have an inbuilt ability to break cc and or teleport, youre dead 9/10 times 4. the only real defense is vision which is almost useless as the game progresses since assasins move so fast that by the time your character turns around youre dead or ranged heroes have such long range that by the time you see your hp start falling or see them enter vision range theres already 3 more missiles in the air from off screen and youre dead 5. turning rate is a thing which basically boils down to causing last hitting to be needlessly tedious as well as escaping attacks nearly impossible, if you arent simply faster than your attacker and have enough health to run out of their range then youre dead because turning to use a defensive skill on them is effectively stunning you for like 3/4 of a second while you spin as slow as a turtle in place 6. there is no forfeit due to an illogical fear that everyone would always give up which incorrectly values the fun of the winners over the torment of the losers 7. all cosmetcs require the steam market which requires a purchase within the last 30d-1y and otherwise prevents purchases 8. skin prices are extremely arbitrary, some skins have large graphical overhauls an dmany particle effects and are like $1 but other simple items can be like 60 or hundreds of dollars 9. skins are generally not that great, they almost never change the main colorscheme 10. the ingame shop is not userfriendly, you cant sort items by what they provide and although you can search for an item you cannot access its buildpath from the search menu so unless you have enough gold to buy it outright then searching is useless 11. dying makes you lose a fuck ton of gold 12. going back to base effectively requires you to spend 75 mana and 50 gold 13. regen rates for most champs are abysmal which makes the game heavily AA based and supports dependant on having a heal 14. vision is terrible, an enemy can be standing an inch away from you but may be out of vision range depending on proximity to a 6inch wide tree or a 2 ft tall staircase 16. structure damage is so abysmal that turrets in dota 2 make turrets in lol look like free zhonyas, plus the fountain in dota 2 is nearly useless at keeping people alive due to enemy ranges and slow regen rate which means that in conjunction with no forfeit, teams can hold other teams hostage for hours by instakilling them when they spawn 17. turrets dont even provide true vision and yet their attack range is super large 18. minion management leaves a lot to be desired 19. cooldowns are all across the board, many ults have cooldowns of 110 or 160 seconds and theres like only one cdr item and its like 25%, theres also an item that resets all cooldowns but itself has a cd of like 160 seconds 20. it's almost impossible to tell what kind of damage an enemy is doing to you which makes it extra hard for new players because they havent played all the champs enough to know, at least in league you have a high chance of receiving physical damage from an ad champ and magical damage from an ap champ, dota 2 many champs have both physical and magical damage skills, true damage is much more common, and clearly magical skills are often doing physical damage for seemingly no reason 21. physical damage resistance and magical resistance are acquired in arbitrarily very different ways, with one being based on an armor stat and the other being based on a % reduction 22. que times are longer than in lol, likely due to the excessive number of game modes (not saying that having many of them isnt good but there are too many for the community size) 23. new player matchmaking was nonexistant, i was immediately put into matches with people multiple leagues ahead of me who either carried or rolled my team, bots games were unplayable due to lack of people playing them causing untenable que times 24. jungling isnt a real role in dota 2, it is more of a tolerated playstyle if your team decides theyll support you 25. fighting is less about teamwork (though resource management is more about teamwork in dota 2) and more about who has more gold and can 1v5 the enemy team 26. nonturbo games require purchasing an animal to fly your items to you (which is a required mechanic due to not being able to teleport to base without a cost) 27. the games artstyle is all round a bit too dark not even counting during night time 28. micromovement is basically a useless skill in dota 2 since almost noone has a skillshot and so many things have huge ranges (though macromovement is important due to teleport scrolls and map size) 29. minion denial is an excessive layer of busy work for supports 30. games will sometimes say theyre free to leave (such as if someone disconnects) but will still count as a loss (eg theyre clearly not free to leave) 31. warding costs consume a huge amount of a supports budget leaving them without almost any items throughout the game 32. due to uselessness of towers, fountain, and general lack of counterplay, literally nowhere is safe for a support once an enemy carry gets slightly ahead 33. stunlocks or approximate stun locks are effected by multiple champions, especially considering slow turn rates and the ability ti invisibly blink directly behind you 34. many abilities exist that can harm allies or buff enemies, additionally friendly spellshield can also block friendly spellcasts on allies which is clearly just lazy coding 35. kit cohesion is markedly less common than in lol, many times ill see a kit where 1 or two abilities fit together and or with the character but then the other two abilities look like theyre just picked as random filler 36. the community is a lot more toxic in game than in lol ( i think this is due to the games reliance on slow resource control so criticism is very constant wheras in lol if youre doing something unorthodox or wrong, you'll only hear about it if an enemy gets fed because of it) 37. some of the champions seem really random or simply generic (i remember one skeleton guy whose name is like klink or something and hes just a skeleton with some fire in him and he carries a bow and half of his skills just boost his attack speed and add fire damage to his attacks which is way too simplistic to fit into lol) 38. lore in general isnt as big as in lol and also champion lores dont seem nearly as cohesive or fleshed out as in lol sure there are more but i just stopped caring enough to think about it further - [tldr: dota 2 is basically like lol with a poorer fighting system that is shoved behind a boring resource management game]
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