Is this game good anymore?

So i just recently played a game where i ended up being the main carry as a mid laner with stats 12/4/8, 303 cs for a 37 min. game. On the other hand of course i had a jungler Eve who was inting 3/11/11 and an inting top Karma 2/7/8. My bot was decent enough to follow me up as Sivir had a good amount of cs and with Pyke supporting her well. But what i really don't understand is the time when Eve made some inting mistakes and simply really bad bad calls which lead us to a very difficult game against a team that even had an afk for some time. No one flamed anyone, everyone was positive until Eve started to panic in the chat, and what i did was simply, politely asked her to play better and not make mistakes because we won't be able to win the game. I didn't use any bad words for our so called "discution" only polite and normal, logical arguments. Her reply was always "fk off, muted, reported for negativity and flaming". Ok, we lost 3 inhibi, but in the end even tho the enemy team got the baron i managed to get them one by one on the mid while i was pushing and get a triple and finally ace them which ended with our victory. Now i know that this is silver/gold/plat elo. I've been playing this game since season 2 until the end of season 7 and i've hit even diamond 4 and 3 couple of times, and then i decided to take a break for year or year and a half and now i came back. What i want to ask you now, has this game become really that bad? I remember back in the good old days season 2 and 3 where you were literally able to carry on your own, you didn't need to depend on your "team" so much. And what's with the ranked system now? I finished my last game (the one i mentioned above) just to find out that my bot and jungler Eve were all premade even tho i played Solo Q?? So bottom line is, i literally got 3 reports for "arguing politely" with Eve and asking her to play better. And that is considered being "toxic" right? And let me guess, she won't be punished for inting and simply replying to every word with "fk off, muted, reported" right? Now don't tell me that's not something you see in every game and that's probably the thing that triggers you the most. As much as i see, there are more and more snowflakes playing this game which they get triggered if you tell them anything (and it doesn't even have to be "toxic" or offensive). But then again, you can relate everything to the real life as well. By the looks of it Western countries and civilizations are sinking down more and more day by day. Everything you say today is either "racist, toxic" or "are you assuming gender?" only to manipulate people by a large margin which is sad. But to get back to the game, honestly Riot doesn't care about the community and Solo Q. It's all about E sports (in other words "money"), but then again everything today is about "making" money, messing somebody up for your own good and lots of other things. So my question for you all is: What do you think about the game itself, is it enjoyable to you, what do you think about ranked system and what do you think about report system?
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