Riot Sparkle, you asked what we wanted from Death Recap

I got to this a little late and the topic's dying down, so rather than have this get buried beneath more posts or just go unnoticed, I wanted to make sure this got out. This was Dawngate's death recap: Yes, yes, it's a death recap from another game. But it was a very good one that showed these two things: 1. A pie chart showing what percentage of each damage type was done to your health, and 2. A pie chart showing what shaper (champion, hero, whatever) was doing the most damage to you. This helped you gauge what you should build against your enemies and gave you a good idea of what enemy was currently pumping out the most damage or was the biggest threat to you, meaning you also knew who to focus now. Now this isn't to say that this death recap wasn't buggy out the ass at the time - they had a few of the same issues League had. For Dawngate it was a bit more understandable only because they were getting run up the ass by EA and were on such a tight deadline for whether or not the game would even survive that death recap was pretty much bottom of the list of priorities at the time. You guys, on the other hand, are a multi-billion dollar company who isn't going out of business any time soon and have been this way for over the past 4 years or so (I won't speak for your size during season 3 or earlier). This isn't out of your guys' reach and is entirely doable and has actually been noted - **several times, by the way, let me just emphasize that** - that death recap was getting looked over. There were "fixes" when the Rift visual update was released (if you could even call them fixes), and since then nothing's changed. This style of death recap is doable. You guys can fix this. And not only can you fix this, you _should_ fix this if you're still expecting even any new players to join the game. This style of death recap can very easily teach people base concepts by just displaying data to them. It helps them realize what's going on instead of always being confused. "Oh, I'm eating a lot of magic damage. I should try to get something with MR, that should help." "So guys, who's killing you all as well? Tristana? Me, too. Let's see if we can kill her first instead." Making the game readable to inexperienced players - and even players who just don't get what the hell's going on because their health bar is dropping so fast - would improve your game's health by so much it's not even funny. Make this a priority, please. Edit: Also, if you moused over the damage types, it would show you what abilities or damages contributed to the death. Forgot to mention that.

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