TFW every lane loses every game...

I mean, obviously I am to blame for going even at best in lanes today (but playing Singed, who is hardly OP atm). But after 7 games, it starts to get frustrating when both other lanes can't win either (only lanes that ever win are enemy lanes). I can only blame myself for losses so much - and I'm past that point. Seriously wondering what I did to make the MatchMaker hate me. Is there a penalty where you only get paired with turds if you don't play for 2 years? That's the only logic I can find. ----- Seriously though - who else has had these ridiculous streaks where, regardless of win/loss in the games, you never seem to have teammates who win their lanes (or at least don't lose) for hours and hours on end? I want to keep playing. But I'm tired of just having every game over at 20-25 minutes (loss) except one that we managed to start winning teamfights after the 20 minute mark.
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