About Tahm Kench... (Please hear me out)

Now, I've played this champion for a long time, probably since I started playing league in fact. I'll spare you the details, but needless to say I've played him a lot and he will always hold a special place in my heart for many reasons. Anyway, a lot of the things that made Tahm Kench fun back a season or two ago have been completely removed. I also can acknowledge that a lot of the community hates him because of his W interactions.I don't think he deserves this kind of treatment from Riot though regardless of his kit's overall health. What this is, is **poor** and **lazy **balancing. I don't have any other explanation for it. Some problems I've noticed after playing him again a for a week or so - His durability is poor after the >20 minute mark. Especially in games when you are behind as Kench, you snap like a fucking twig and take about as much damage as an ad carry post 20 minutes. Coupled with his lack of mobility besides his ultimate, this makes him a sitting duck and essentially useless. - His shield doesn't make up for his lack of mobility. Tahm's shield was supposed to at least somewhat mitigate the potential of him to be kited. In a meta with conqueror dealing true damage, assasins carrying a truckload of lethality, damage going through the roof and most "strong" champions carrying at least one dash and or form of mobility, the shield feels very limited in its uses and outdated. An idea on the tahm Kench subreddit I saw the other day (found here, https://www.reddit.com/r/Tahmkenchmains/comments/agsnal/this_might_sound_dumb_but_i_feel_that_when_his/) was very interesting in the idea that when Tahm's belly expands that an AOE knockback affect around him could protect him from mobile champions and serve as a quick 0.25s form of cc. Just an idea. - Tahm Kench's w CD is painfully long when used on ally champions. Part of what made him a solid pick in the support role was his early game ability to save teammates. Now, if other areas of his kit had power shifted into it, this would not be as much of a problem. Considering his kit is weak at the moment, and that he is a very niche pick in a select few situations, I don't think Riot has a good reason for leaving Tahm's W as is. They need to do something to at least put SOME power back into his kit without making it overbearing and toxic to play against. A lot of the other problems with Tahm have to do with the meta being overloaded with damaged and mobility, but I'm not going to go too deep in that because that idea has already been repeated on the boards ad nauseam. A Rioter also wrote on social media that they had nerfs planned for Kench in the next patch, removing his ability to Ult with teammates when in combat... I'm seriously disappointed with the barrage of lazy Tahm Kench nerfs, especially since they're just removing a lot of his cool interactions instead of shifting power into other abilities. I understand that the balance team has a lot to do but seriously you guys can take 10 minutes to look at what the community of Tahm Kench players might want or try and find creative ways to balance him in solo queue. I hate to see him get the Volibear treatment and tossed in a bin to the side because his small community of players. That's no reason not to balance something that is unfair =. It's really on Riot to fix Tahm Kench's gameplay because right now it's close to unbearable playing him. The only thing keeping me and others hopeful and actively playing Kench is our love for the champion. Please fix this champion!!! (I don't care what it takes.)
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