[repost] Idea, remove support role add a 2nd jungler

(repost because moderation removed it from "gameplay" for some reason) ever since season the early days of league of legends pro players invented the now common practise of having 2 champs in 1 lane.. well i propose a new change.. 2 junglers.. one whoes roll is to farm creeps and apply neutral and river pressure, while the other is solely designated as a "ganker" and a "counter jungler" that also farms lanes while they are left unattended by both teams. let me know if you find this idea pheasable or if you try this let me know how it goes Update: the old post had a concern that if you have 2 junglers and no support that Q. one lane would be a 2v1 wouldn't that hurt that lane interms of plates/towers and objectives A. yes and no. we all have lanes that even in the 2v2 it just looks like there is nothing they can do to stop a push, but with a 2nd jungler, you would be able to babysit mid and bot almost exclusively and with the way most people are forced to overextend to push a tower a 3v2 collapse is very easily accomplished. by far the most important strategy is that a hard wave clear champ would need to be played in bot lane, {{champion:112}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:74}} Q. wouldn't 1 jungler fall behind if they weren't farming the jungle? A. again yes and no. Assuming the plan goes completely wrong and the "ganking" obligated jungler gets pushed far enough behind that they can no longer apply any pressure or have kill potential in a lane anymore, at the bare minimum, one of a few things may need to happen. You could either swap jungler rolls making the farming and ganking players swap. Have both players focus a goal to push the behind jungler into a better spot, or keep the farming jungler ahead. (things like 2 man invades, team ganks, farming tower plates in one or both solo lanes) now assuming things go perfectly and your first early level 2 cheese play goes well (and yes i would assume that stealing the enemies red, or taking the one on your side and immediately level 2 ganking would be the optimal thing to do), you get the kill and give your laner a lead, share a small amount of their xp and follow up with either a repeat gank or run to the other solo lane you can still keep that edge. faming scuttle crabs, buying a sweeper to kill wards, invading the enemy to poach a few minions, and pressuring empty lanes for their tower plates would in theory keep you perfectly fine and assuming things in the bottom side dont go terribly, might be even better than just having the typical roaming support, or safe and protective tank support. Now i dont see this plan being something people will be using in solo Q any time soon. with the way catchup xp got removed, the current state of bot lane, and how flawed a lot of players faming and trading are (ive seen some chaos in iron-gold things like 0/7 at 15 mins, 30-50 cs at 10) but potentially this might be something pro-players should riot ever sway the game enough to make it a good strategy. lets face it funplus played naught mid in worlds this year, his only job was to get the wave in mid and then be somewhere else to get a kill, and if that didnt work go back catch another 6-7 minions and do it again. this concept isn't that different but would need a great deal of optimization.
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