Riot: Cant Run More Game Modes bc Servers/Meta/Players/Balance Will Suffer // Also Riot: Teamfight!!

I mean am I wrong? Funny how .. 1. A billion dollar company with a single, tiny, ten year old game can't support more than three maps 2. They are worried about hurting their player base of their favorite map (Summoners Rift) until now 3. Every other game mode takes years of testing apparently and still can't qualify for permanent or semi permanent residency because holy crap we have so much money we can't see our keyboards to keep up with balancing things and its just too much work so screw it. But Teamfight debuts and the heavens open, Rito angels shart out trumpets and rewards, and buy out all kinds of publicity and streamers. So I guess the new logic is to pray that DOTA comes up with some more good custom maps to motivate Riot to do their job? That must be the reason they are so invested in this. It certainly isn't because they listen to players.
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