Is Gold the new silver and Plat the new gold?

Yo, are players frm different servers have different attitudes towards the game? I've been considering to move to Euwe due to the fact I've been recieving players who blame me or others for their losses while making questionable plays. (Ex:I got flamed by Yasuo and constantly flames me after he dies to his own midlaner spam pinging my ignite or my recent match when my Lee Sin tower dived Ahri who was lvl 6 while he was lvl 4 and her hp was full btw) I would understand a hard stuck silver would make this sort of questionable plays but gold?? Around last year I decided to take rank seriously since my bestie wanted me to be his duo partner and such. But as I continued to play rank more often last year I get gold 5 players who asks for ranks then when either us (me and my duo) or the random we pair up reply, "Silver" the gold 5 player will follow up with,"ah explains, looks like I have to carry". I had to play with this sort of players till I hit gold. Now as I rank again this year I get the same sort of attitude but instead of gold players acting up its them plat 4 players altho the difference is the plat 4s will 'lecture' you on how to play or use a champ they've never even touched. Is it natural for each division to have this type of players or am I the sort of guy to pull the shortest straw??
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