I cannot understand why modern law doesn't severely punish false accusations.

In most ancient cultures I'm aware of, they're extremely harsh to false accusers. USUALLY, a false accusation results in the same punishment as if the person you accused were convicted of the crime. If you accused someone of murder and they were innocent, then you would receive that same punishment, usually death or imprisonment. I honestly cannot understand why someone who falsely accuses anyone of rape or assault doesn't receive that same sentence. Even if the person who is charged with rape pleads out because he has no chance in hell of winning in court if it's later revealed that she lied, she should instead have his sentence of 10+ years and then having to register, but she is indeed a sexual predator. I'm tired of false rape accusations almost never being punished, and when they do it's usually for 6 months. 6 fucking months. A man can EASILY lose 10+ years of his life and if he's unlucky, way more, and because of the inherent bias involved he has to prove his innocence. If he and a woman have sex, she can claim it was rape, and there's not much he can do about that because he has to disprove her claim that it was rape. In the court of law, most of the time simply having evidence that intercourse occurred is enough, especially if it involved rough sex which is extremely common. I suppose the primary reason I'm making this is [because a woman was recently sentenced to five years in prison](http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-wiltshire-41692026?ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbc_england&ns_source=twitter&ns_linkname=english_regions) for falsely accusing someone else of rape. Everyone is celebrating that "woo justice was done!" Well, sorry. I don't think this was justice. At all. This person accused someone else of a crime they didn't commit for petty personal reasons. And that accusation, **even if it was defeated** can still have atrocious effects on that man's livelihood. He has to pay huge amounts of money for lawyers and court costs to defend himself from accusations, probably had to take time off (or lose his job) (*I know in this scenario the guy is actually a soldier so it doesn't affect him in this case, but in every other it does*) so he's stuck with little to no income and piling expenses. During this entire time, the court proceedings try and cast doubt and claim he's some violent animal which can and will affect his personal life and relationships.. all because this woman wanted to be special and cry for attention or to prevent shame. 5 years isn't justice. She almost *ruined this man's life*, and in some context it's possible she perfectly did anyway, due to things like arrest records and that some people will always believe the victim because tits even if she's nothing more than a lying harlot. She should not have gotten 5 years. She should have gotten 15+. She could have sent a perfectly innocent man to jail for decades. She deserves that same punishment.
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