Anyone willing to help me deal with the demon Prince in dark souls 3?

It's difficult to deal with for me, I go for the demon of pain first so it makes the second phase all the more easy, but it still isn't enough considering the demon of below keeps throwing tantrums at me every time I hit the demon in pain, causing me to use estus and reduce my chances of winning the second phase greatly. Plus, I can't see the demon of below half the time due to the targetting system in this fight, it's as difficult to make out what the other one is doing when I am targetting one, such as the king of the storm fight when you hit the bird... dragon... thing... but unable to see what the nameless king is doing on his back. I need someone to help me draw the demon of below's attention away, so I can kill the demon in pain first, then finish off the demon of below.
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