Worst Luck with Skins?

I'll start off with this... The free legendary skin for signing up a twitch prime event was pretty cool. As an idea. It was 1000% annoying to sign up and to get rid of my account afterwards but I figured it would be worth it. Then it wasn't. Out of 44 possible legendary skins, I landed the **ONLY ONE** that I already had. It also happened to be what is possibly the worst legendary; Blood Lord Vladimir. Pretty much just turns Vlad into a KISS fanboy. So I decide to reroll it with an epic skin and a normal. Figure at least I would get a skin I don't own plus maybe some OE. And the result? Nutcracko. Nut. Fucking. Cracko. That's it. Nothing else. Just a big ol' nutinmyface cracko to sit forever unused. GG. {{sticker:cass-cry}}
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