What is being "Toxic" and what isn't?

Why is this word so overused? It is thrown at anyone who doesn't like what you said. You can tell someone "Go Bot i dont need any help im fed" and your jungle will say "why are you so toxic??". You can tell someone why their CS is 50 at 20 minutes and they will say "so toxic reported". What makes this toxic? I think people have lost the meaning of what it really means to be toxic. Innocent shit talking, is not toxic. Attacking someone with insults etc., IS toxic. If I tell someone "you are a bitch", then that is being toxic. If I tell someone "im beating you in lane im better" that is NOT being toxic. I just got banned for 14 days and upon reading the chat logs on the games they displayed that got me banned, I wasnt toxic at all. I can even post them as proof. It's astonishing how sensitive people are over the internet. Text doesn't have any emotion, unless you attach emotion to it. 12:42; People only say something is toxic when it offends them. Why does every little thing a person says is offensive? What may be offensive to you may not be offensive to someone else, so how does a comment such as "its 20mins and u have 50 cs step it up" make someone "toxic"?
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