What's with the repeating colors of recent PROJECT skins?

After seeing the new PROJECT skin trailer, I'm a bit disappointed by the color choices. The PROJECT skins have always been this amazing and unique take on cybernetic Power Rangers, how each of them have their own special unique traits and abilities, and that uniqueness was always emphasized by the trace colors each one had which made it increasingly cool to see when you'd put them all together. I mean, yes before this year's PROJECT skins, we've had 4 orange-colored, 2 pink-colored and 2 red-colored PROJECT skins, but to have 2 more pink colored skins on Jinx and Irelia and 2 more orange-y-red skins on Pyke and Akali? Couldn't we have more unique colors? Maybe a different shade of green for Akali? Or another shade of blue for Irelia? I mean Akali already has a Headhunter skin which is LITERALLY ALREADY RED, a little variation would've been nice to make the two skins feel different. And the pink on Irelia? Have you guys forgotten about Infiltrator Irelia? Wasn't that a pink future-themed skin as well? It's just sad to see the lack of uniqueness between these skins nowadays. I honestly feel like the third and fourth release of PROJECT skins were the absolute best with such vibrance between the Ashe, Ekko, Katarina, Vayne, Vi and Jhin, it was always about seeing the variation between the skins and it had always been perfectly executed, well, at least until this year, I guess. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the skin designs, regardless of the colors, I think they're pretty great, champion choice may have been iffy seeing that Akali, Irelia and Pyke have only been released/reworked last season, and that all of them, including Jinx, have been given skins within the past year or so (K/DA Akali, Divine Sword Irelia, Blood Moon Pyke, Odyssey Jinx), but in terms of fitting the theme, they all seem to fit pretty decently, I guess. What do you guys think?
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