The Current Bot Lane (ever since the #IsItMeta video)

Alright, imma be straight here, I've been playing adc for all of season 8 now and I was having a lot of fun facing supports and adcs. But ever since the Is It Meta? video came out the bot lane became the victim of all "let's troll and do whatever we want". I get that ranked season is over and people can fuck around in draft but when I go mid lane and i have a 2/8 Katarina adc with a 3/6 Xerath support, it's just agonizing. Even when I got bot, i'm facing a Vayne adc with an Aatrox support? Where's the fun in getting used to a role and then it being all messed up in the span of 2 days. I might be the only one that thinks this is stupid but regardless, bot is obviously taking damage here and this has to be fixed.
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