The New Blue essence system is terrible

This whole thing is seriously frustrating. The only way to get BE is to disenchant shards. The only way to get shards is by leveling or mastery chests. To level up takes quite a bit of time, and even if I get a shard of a champion I don't have yet... all it does is give me a small discount on getting that champion. Oh goodies, rumble costs 2880 instead of 4800. But where am I going to get that 2880 from? Oh well from disenchanting other shards... So basically to get 1 new champion I need between 4 and like 10 shards assuming low cost champions. This all just feels so lame. Leveling up is going to get consistently more annoying, making getting champions more and more difficult. I REALLY REALLY don't like this whole thing. It does not feel at all to be the same value per game as it used to be and the change seems like it was completely unnecessary. To me, it feels liek that since they did away with runes, they want people to spend RP now to buy champions, so they made getting them far more difficult >:(
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