Has Riot and or will Riot ever consider reworking how LP is gained or lost?

Idea: in every matchmade game, there is 100lp at stake. winning team takes 100lp and losing team loses 100lp. Now, the loss or gain of 100lp is divided among the five players respectively based on their performance that game. So, in theory, this would reward consistent players. For example, we've all had that win/loss where such and such lane feeds and we tried out little hearts and got the W or still ended up getting the L. Basically the system that gives us and S+ all the way down to a D should then decide the share of that win or lose of lp. The 100lp should be split amongst the players respectively based on the performance of that game. So say everyone gets s+ its split evenly. Plus 20 for every player. Now let's say you have one S+ and the rest are B's. The S+ gets 30 or even 35 of that lp and whats left over is divided evenly amongst the B's. Now same grades for a lose. The S+ loses say 10 or even 5 and the surplus negative lp is divided amongst the B's evenly. There are some potential downsides to this I'm sure like boosters and smurfs punishing a worse laner and causing them to a really bad game because they are an inferior player getting a worse grade yada yada, but frankly, riot does not care about smurfs only boosters. One of the really positive upsides to this is it could crush trolls. So everyone tries and plays the best they can and ffs at 15. The troll gets a D everyone else B's and A's. The D would now take on the majority of 100lp loss. This also punishes AFK'ers (rage quitters) and safeguards the otherwise victims from the troll/AFK'er. This mitigates lp win and loss gains based on solo play. However to get the gain the win is still needed so teamwork would not be hindered because in order to the share of the 100 lp gain the game must be won. So to climb the game would still remain a team game. Just far less volatile for consistent competitive players. Eh, just a thought Riot.
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