Gold play wanting advice to reach plat * thanks!

I main mid lane and play ryze leblanc twisted fate etc. I usually win lane but make a mistake and die and it goes down hill from there. I understand I'm gold for a reason so if you have the time to help a homie out with advice it would be awesome. I believe my mechanical are good especially on ryze I can usually 1v2 if I play it right but I also have those moments where I get flashed on by 3 ults and die and games over. I really want to improve on my macro play like knowing how to rotate efficiently , when to steal jg buffs, to roam or hit turret if enemy backed, how to end games when your ahead and team feeds. I dream of being a diamond player but I want to do it with just ryze because I know he is assss but my love for him is infinite. There is nothing like getting a Penta by spread overload > q then follow up šŸ˜ plz help me improve my macro play from warding to runes to invading to roams. I would appreciate it from higher elos..
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