It is impossible to recover from a loss streak past Diamond 4

I really had a bad loss streak where I was unluckily getting weird players in my team, which lead me to a 43% winrate from a 50% winrate. After that, when i won a game, I got 12 LP, when i got to 3 wins in a row and then lost one, i was surprised when i found out i lost 28 LP, So i thought myself, is it really worth playing ranked in this account anymore? I just made a smurf, and trust me it's not what I want, because I face players that flame me and blame me for smurfing, (Already in p3) but what do i do, i have to win 9 games in a row to get to promo to diamond 3, which is actually impossible for me, sometimes you just can't win a game no matter what you do, I mean, I'm not a GOD PLAYER, so i have to lose some games, RIGHT? idk what u guys think
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