Add one minimal change to a champion's ability or statline to make them overpowered

- Gangplank: Parley costs 30 mana instead of 40 - Ivern: Friend of the Forest costs no health or mana to use anymore - Rhaast: The Darkin Scythe champion spell vamp changed into literal spell vamp - Warwick: Jaws of the Beast magic damage changed from (120% AD)(+90% AP)(+6% + 1%/R Target Max HP) to 20/35/50/65/80 (+120% AD)(+90% AP)(+8% + 0.5%/R Target Max HP) - Twisted Fate: Pick A Card ignition cost lowered from 40 + 15/R to 35 + 10/R - Varus: Blighted Quiver on-hit magic damage can crit
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