Possible Thought to Combat Toxicity

I was playing a game today and thinking about different ways that toxicity in the community can be combatted against. One thing that came to my mind was something I have seen in a few other games I have played. My suggestion is that what if a system was implemented where certain trigger words when typed would not display in chat as profanity but instead, as a productive and sportsmanlike phrase. An example would be if someone types "GG EZ" the system would pick it up and display in chat something like "good game fellow summoner". This could be extended to many other words and phrases that would otherwise be considered toxic or profanity. I am not sure how difficult this would be to implement, but it was just a thought that came to mind and I figured that I could share it in hopes that maybe it is something you guys could discuss and see where we get with this. This is not a solution to toxic behaviour, instead, it is something to help lessen the toxic behaviour elicited in-game chat.
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