Why must female champions "support" males?

Honestly? Ask yourselfs. Why is the female character being forced to be a "support" to a male who runs in blindly with a sword killing everything? Why are the most DANGEROUS characters like Cassiopeia, Nami, Elise, Nidalee, etc. all being reduced to "support" systems? And why is it every kid seems to think he's entitled to having a character support him? When last I checked we're all a team, we don't all bow to you. You should tell some kid next time who demands you support him JUST because you pick Nami, that if he really is a good player of the game he should have no problem without a "girl" to help him right? I can understand maybe with Nami you assume she's supportive because she's a "mermaid" and that is "cheesey and stupid", but seriously with Cassiopeia? How can you people see a character that cool and say "You're a support". Do these kids of today not know what a fearsome Medusa is? They're even more, and especially when I play them, dominant an offense character than the BLOODY SWORDSMEN!!!! Your thoughts?
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