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Okay so, earlier this year Riot released what we can call "prestige points" a way of getting those shiny prestige skins, with a value of 100 prestige points (lets call them P.E here) P.E are supossed to be used for that, for buying those skins, but, recently the last prestige skins, where only obtainable by completing missions, and of course, the tokens you earned weren´t enough, so you had to buy the pass, the premium ticket. I have been saving those P.E points like a moron, because I wanted to get a prestige skin that I really liked, but suddenly now all the prestige skins are all like a pay to win. In order to get them you have to pay. So, please atleast take down the P.E if you are not going to make stuff that is available with those. Its annoying too see my 230 P.E sitting there doing nothing. You made a coin, don´t use it or give it any value, and then, make the prestige skins only available if you pay even more. Thanks Riot! Great idea! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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