Can we get more legit Halloweeny skins? Really, though...

We have these Death Sworn skins on the way that I can only assume to be the Halloween/Harrowing skins this year. I thought Rito got back on track last year with the Trist, Morg and Teemo skins. Good examples of spooky Halloweeny skins. Last time we had Halloweeny skins was, well, a while ago. Everything after that was "haunted" or "Shadow Isle" themed and they were pretty much all based around the same aesthetic and I was never inclined to buy them because they didn't make me think "Ohhhh, it's that time of year again, gotta get spooky!" And the new skins seem to be doing it all over again. I miss Halloweeny skins, even if the Harrowing isn't always "on-time" for Halloween. Witches and pumpkins and ghosties and goblins and skeletons and bats and Franken... things. Hell, throw Rumble into a jack-o-lantern mech. That'd be neat. Nothing against the more Shadow Isles-ish skins. They're well done, but they can come out at any point during the year and no one would see them as out-of-place.
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