One by one they go. League of Legends is more like League of Assholes.

Just a by the way. From a consumer stand point, the disappointments keep coming from Riot not listening and hearing what we want. Don't forget we are your business. No matter how much money this company makes, if you lose your customers, you lose your profits. At this point it really is starting to seem that the company values money over their service or products. It doesn't take much for a company to tank especially in this day and age. Enough people become unhappy and you will see the results. There are a handful of games and game developers who didnt listen and now they are suffering losses. Social media and technology make it easier for us to show our dissatisfaction and enough for you guys to suffer from it. The ranked system is horrible. HORRIBLE! It doesn't work and it wasted so much time. I love this game. SO much I love it, but at this point I am starting to ask myself why I bother so much. Might as well play normal even though I dont get the satisfaction or maybe just go play DOTA or the new MOBA mobile games. They seem to be attracting more people these days. So, if you won't listen to us, maybe someone else will. Just saying. It is common sense.
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