Aurelion sol

Hmmm...riot..rito. guys. Gentlemen...whats going on with this champ. You update riven, naut nerf reksai etc etc etc. But like....whats going on with aurelion sol... haven't seen this champ in my last 180games. Its not even viable not even lane dominant. No mid-late game spike. I think it deserves some attention. Rework? Buffs? Like who is this champ. Not a single soul plays aurelion sol. Its just not viable. Has no potential...its like a lost champion..i basically forgot it was in the game for an instant i thought it was removed i had to go verify just to make sure. I haven't seen her in season 9 at all. Nor pre season and season 8 was not her spotlight. I think it deserves some attention. It has a pick rate of 0.8%...{{champion:136}}
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