Story Time with Jamaree: Suspending a student on the first day of school.

When I’m not bitching about stuff on the forums, I’m teaching either martial arts and now teaching as a math teacher at a high school, his story is about suspension in the latter. Where I live, school started today, I need to finish about four more months worth of assistant teaching before I become a full blown teacher of my own right. Either way, this story starts at second period, kids start filing into the room, teacher in the class room tells them to start by pulling out a paper and pencil, students start rummaging through bags looking for them. A student in the front looks through his, tilting his bag a bit as something tumbled out and the audible flip of a knife is clearly heard as a pocket knife hits the ground. Entire classroom freezes as everyone looks down at knife now on ground, silence for what felt like an eternity as the student tries to start talking only for a female student next to him to yell out, “HE HAS A KNIFE.” Chaos ensues students bolting out the room, others going to the corner as the boy starts crying trying to explain things but clearly makes no attempt for the knife. I walk over, pick it up, close it as the teacher calls the principal. Kid at this point is bawlin his eyes out as I just barely make out things like “I didn’t mean to, it wasn’t me, don’t know how it got there.” We make it to the office, I explain what happened as the principal calls the student’s parents. Kid still crying as his parents are audibly upset and hang up before we can explain anything and rush over, both of willing make it there around the same time and are both visibly pissed at the student. Kid tries to explain while I explained what happened then show the knife in question. The dad’s face goes from pissed to oh shit the moment the knife is shown. Before we continue, let’s talk about the kid. The kid is the perfect student and child by all accounts. He is a Boy Scout, the folder that follows students from elementary all the way to the end of high school marking every infraction they have ever had, yeah, his was empty, he had not had a single note home, a single punishment of any kind, he was that child every parent wishes they had and every teacher adored by all accounts. Now back to why the dad was like oh shit. Turns out a week or so prior, he went on a camping trip with his father, the knife was one of those all purpose omni tool pocket knifes, you know the ones with like screwdriver, knife, flathead file, all those functions for every kind of situation. Turns out the dad after using it put it in his son’s bag because it was in arm’s reach and forgot to take it out. The mom goes from pissed at son to pissed at dad, the dad refuses to not look at the ceiling because he knows he fucked up, and the son is in shock and sniffling wondering more so on whether or not this will go on his record or if he might get expelled. Me and the principal’s face :| We are mandated to punishment, accident or not, hell, we are actually supposed to expel them but this clearly wasn’t in any way the student’s fault, so we just suspend him, and tell him to come back tomorrow, we will likely get in trouble with the district but for something like this? Yeah no, would be dumb to expel him. So yeah, that is how someone got suspended the first day of school, to make matters worst for the kid, it was 9th grade, he got suspended his first day of high school.
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